Audit Services

Combined Dependent Eligibility Verification & Claims Audit
MedBill Management is constantly striving to find new ways to leverage the benefits of our services and maximize the return-on-investment for our Clients. We discovered that by combining a Dependent Eligibility Verification project with a Claims Audit project we could greatly enhance the overall compliance and cost containment benefits. Benefit Plan Managers, and their Consultant/Brokers, have quickly embraced the idea as a one-stop solution to help ensure that their health plan is only paying eligible claims costs for eligible plan participants.

We are so confident in the success of our combined Claims Audit and Dependent Eligibility Verification projects that we provide a positive return-on-investment guarantee.

Return-on-Investment Guarantee
MedBill Management takes the financial risk off the table for projects that include Dependent Eligibility Verification and a Medical Claims Audit. Self-funded plans not only have access to best-in-class, comprehensive health plan audit services, they are assured that the total project costs will be covered 100% by the measurable savings.

Leveraging the Results
You may be thinking, how does a Dependent Eligibility Verification project enhance the results of Claims Audit? Great question! There are many ways, but here’s one example. During the process of verifying the eligible of all covered dependents the MedBill Management Team also collects information about dependents who have other insurance through another medical plan. All of this “other insurance” information, obtained for spouses and children, can then be used to maximize coordination-of-benefit opportunities and cost shifting during the Claims Audit.

When MedBill Management began offering these combined audit projects we knew that we needed to align ourselves with an industry leader with a proven track record. We found the perfect partner in J. Graham, Inc. (JGI). JGI’s service model is an ideal complement to MedBill Management’s. We have both built our reputations on delivering guaranteed positive results with a commitment to integrity and preserving positive employee relations for our Clients.