About Medbill Management

Mike Tehan founded MedBill Management to help organizations identify unnecessary health plans costs and eliminate plan overpayments. MedBill Management is constantly striving to find new ways to help health plans operate more efficiently and effectively, without changing plan designs or claims payers. We package our services in a way that minimizes up-front fees and is guaranteed to produce a positive return-on-investment for our Clients.

Mike has a Master’s Degree in Health Care Administration and has been an Employee Benefits and Human Resources executive for over twenty years. Prior to founding MedBill Management, Mike was the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for a multi-state health care organization with over 10,000 employees.

Most health plans are making unnecessary claim payments for 2-6% of dependents who should be removed from the plan. We have also found that the extra costs related to payments for ineligible dependents are compounded by other claim payment mistakes impacting 1-3% of all claims.

By first listening to our Clients’ specific needs, and then assembling a specialized team of analysts to fit each project, MedBill Management is able to produce the highest return-on-investment for our Clients. Our unique “high touch”, employee-friendly service model delivers guaranteed results and helps avoid human resources headaches.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

Learn more about this critical component of managing compliance and controlling costs for all of your health plans.

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