Ongoing Dependent Eligibility Monitoring

It is essential to continue to collect eligibility-related documentation for covered dependents after the conclusion of a Dependent Eligibility Verification project. Otherwise, ineligible dependents will creep into the plan over time as new dependents are enrolled as a result of new hires, life events, company acquisitions, etc. MedBill Management’s Dependent Eligibility Monitoring Service can help organizations maintain accurate eligibility records by collecting and analyzing the eligibility-related documentation for employees requesting to add new dependents to the health plan. Although these duties are often handled by in-house staff, many organizations would prefer that an outside third-party monitor eligibility to save staff time and to ensure that these functions are performed thoroughly, consistently and impartially.

Dependent eligibility monitoring typically begins immediately following the conclusion of a comprehensive Dependent Eligibility Verification project. Each month thereafter, MedBill Management will reach-out to enrollees who are requesting to add new dependents to the health plan and request documentation supporting the dependents’ eligibility. The documentation will be reviewed and any potentially ineligible dependents will be brought to the organization’s attention to avoid expenses related to ineligible dependents.

Dependent Eligibility Verification

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