Dependent Eligibility Verification

Ineligible Dependents on Every Plan

Family structures have become increasingly complicated due to divorces, step-children, adoption, guardianships, domestic partnerships, etc. As a result, Dependent Eligibility Verification is a critical component of managing compliance and controlling costs for all health plans.

Categories of ineligible dependents:
• Ex-spouses or ex-domestic partners
• Ex-stepchildren
• Boyfriends, girlfriends
• Nieces, nephews and grandchildren

Affordable and Accessible

In the past, small and medium-sized plans had difficulty finding a Dependent Eligibility Verification firm that was willing to provide comprehensive audit services, with meaningful performance guarantees. Many of these organizations also had worries about the impact on employees.

Positive Employee Relations

MedBill Management has become the trusted partner of small and mid-sized plans throughout the country that are committed to eliminating ineligible dependents. Our unique “high touch” approach is a perfect fit for employers who are sensitive to employee relations.

All of MedBill Management’s projects include direct access to our trained, customer service specialists. We don’t believe in using robotic answering systems and automated, impersonal outgoing calls. MedBill Management built its outstanding reputation on professionalism and direct person-to-person contact. It is essential to properly assist employees and get the job done, the right way.

Highest Project Response Rate

Another key factor in the success of MedBill Management’s projects is that we have the highest employee response rates in the industry – an average of 99.4% response rate across all Clients. Why is this important? Employees who have not responded and sent in their eligibility documentation by the time a project ends are usually told that the coverage for their dependents will be discontinued. When a MedBill Management project ends there are typically zero non-respondents or, at most, a handful. Other audit firms routinely end a project with 5-20% non-respondents. This high level of non-response leads to disgruntled employees when they learn that their dependents’ coverage has been terminated. It also leads to more work for HR/Benefits teams that have to deal with the costly and time-consuming coverage reinstatements and grievances.

MedBill Management’s nearly perfect response rate is the result of our customized communications, unlimited outbound calls and extensive follow-up with employees to secure responses and the necessary dependent-related documentation. Our customer service team also takes the extra time to work with employees who have unusual circumstances to help them identify, and obtain, acceptable documentation.

Return-On-Investment Guaranteed

All services come with a guarantee that the project will produce a positive return-on-investment. If the year-one savings generated from the project does not exceed all project-related costs, then MedBill Management will refund the amount necessary to make the project cost neutral.

When Boston Globe Media decided to do a Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit I was worried about the employees’ reaction and what the results would be. The project went very smoothly from start to finish. The MedBill Management Team was very patient and helpful with our employees and we had zero employee relations issues. MedBill Management kept following-up with employees, well beyond the project deadline, to ensure that every employee submitted their documentation. The savings from removing ineligible dependents paid for the project at least seven times over. I would absolutely recommend MedBill Management to all of my HR colleagues.

Steve Behenna

Director of Human Resources, Boston Globe Media